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Important Background Information:

The History of Integral Transformative Practice
Michael Murphy, George Leonard, Ken Wilber (from 2004)

Part 1: Background (MP3)
Part 2: Understanding States and Stages (MP3)
Part 3: Putting the Multiple Lines of Development Into Play

Michael Murphy: Integral Transformative Practice & The Evolution Of The Whole Person

The Great Integral Awakening Audio Download Page (Interviews with Ken Wilber, Michael Murphy, Don Beck, Genpo Roshi, Diane Musho Hamilton, Andrew Cohen, Steve McIntosh, Terry Patten, Marc Gafni, Marilyn Schlitz, Sally Kempton, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Craig Hamilton, Carter Phipps, Claire Zammit)

Ken Wilber On The Origins Of Integral Perspective (mp3)
Roger Walsh ITC 2008 Keynote Address (mp3)
Frank Fisser: A Visit To Ken Wilber, January 1997

Integral Fundamentals:

Ode Magazine Interviews Ken Wilber (Ode, April 2009)
What Is Integral? (pdf) (Sunfellow & Friends)
What Is Integral? (pdf) (Robert Augustus Masters)

Levels of Devils, Gradations of God (Stuart Davis, September 2008)

Introduction to Integral Life (Integral Life)
Welcome to Integral Life (Integral Life)
What Is Integral? (Integral Life)
An Essential Introduction to the Integral Approach (Integral Life)
An All-Inclusive Framework for the 21st Century (Integral Life)
The Integral Operating System: Introduction (Integral Life)

Spiral Dynamics
Dr. Susanne R. Cook-Greuter

Integral Glossary (Flash)
AQAL Glossary (pdf)

• Four Quadrants: Chart 1, Chart 2, Chart 3 (jpg) Source
Four Quadrants (Formless Mountain)
Four Quadrants Worksheet (pdf)

Altitudes Chart (jpg) Source
Levels of Consciousness Chart (jpg) Source
Levels of Development Chart - WIE (pdf) Source
Spectrum of Consciousness Chart - WIE (pdf) Source
Spiral Dynamics Chart - SD (pdf) Source
Spiral Dynamics Chart - WIE (pdf) Source
Spiral Dynamics Chart - Agerbeck (pdf) Source
Spiral Dynamics Interactive Model

The Stage Structures Of Development (Formless Mountain)
AQAL Chart (pdf) Source

Integral Life Practice Matrix (v 1.0, printable) (pdf)
Integral Life Practice Matrix (v 1.0, black blackground) (jpg)

AQAL Tests & Assessments

Integral Diagrams (A massive collection of integral charts and diagrams)
Integral Vision Mind Maps (Eric Blue)
Stephen Lark's Integral Info (A page full of important integral materials)


Integral Leadership Review
Integral Leadership Review Archive


From Hugh & Kaye Martin, based on Esalen research and discoveries:

"The Next Generation Of Ken Wilber’s AQAL"
ADAPT – The Next Generation Of AQAL & ILP?
The Eight Dimensions Of Personal Development
The 33 Fundamental Methods By Which People Grow
A Redesigned Version Of Wilber’s Famous Tables

Integral Relationships:

The Integral Relationship Preamble
Robert Augustus Masters: 'The Art of Listening'
Breathing Together: An AQAL Guide To Significant Relationships (pdf)
The Four Quadrants Sex Chart (jpg) Source
NonViolent Communication & Integral Relationships
Andrew Cohen: The Emergence of the Higher We
Barbara Marx Hubbard: The Emergence of "The Higher We"
The Pathwork Lectures On Relationships
What Is The Truth Of The Matter?

Ken Wilber Discusses His Romantic Relationships & Fatherhood
Ken WIlber & Tami Simon: How To Deal With Disappointment In Your Spiritual Teachers

The Three Faces of Spirit
2nd-Person God As An Active Force In Our Lives

Shadow Work:

Ken Wilber On The Shadow
How Sigmund Freud Got Interested In Shadow Work
Shadow Work: Insights From The Pathwork Lectures
The Shadow Dance - Understanding Repetitive Patterns In Relationships
Integral Aikido

Dream Work:

Jeremy Taylor On Dreams As A Tool For Social Change
Excerpts from "Healing Dreams" by Marc Ian Barasch
Dreams, Dream Groups & Related Resources
An Introduction To Inducing Lucid Dreams

Body Work:

Integral Strength Training

Integral Ecology:

Jim Garrison: Integral Politics & Climate Change
Climate Wars
Geoff Lawton & The Permaculture Research Institute
Paul Stamets: How Mushrooms Can Save The World
Integral Ecology Videos On Vimeo

Integral Controversies:

Ex-Followers On Andrew Cohen
Ken Wilber & Adi Da
Rabbi Marc Gafni & Sexual Improprieties
Frank Visser & The 1st Biennial Integral Theory Conference
Frank Visser On Ken Wilber
The Wyatt Earpy Episode

Other Important Integral Resources:

Integral Leadership Review Audio MP3 Interviews
Jim Garrison: Integral Politics & Climate Change (May, 2009)
Using Psychotropic Drugs On An Integral Path
Jeff Salzman Interviews Robb Smith
David Sunfellow About 'The Secret' & 'The Law Of Attraction'
Stuart Davis: "The Secret: The Spirituality of Narcissism"
Michael Murphy: The Future of the Human Body: Part 1
Michael Murphy: The Future of the Human Body: Part 2
Michael Murphy: The Future of the Human Body: Part 3
Tami Simon: The "Twenty Tenets" of Sounds True
Ken Wilber Describes His Savant-Like Abilities
Enlightenment Therapy (NYT, April 23, 2009)
Ray Kurzweil On The Singularity
Integral Aikido
• Ken Wilber's Letter To You

Integral Naked Videos on YouTube
JFK 2003 Weekend with Ken Wilber (73 mp3 files)
JFK 2002 Weekend with Ken Wilber (31 mp3 files)
Genpo Roshi's Big Mind Process

Archive Of Ken Wilber Writings
The More Significant Writings Of Ken Wilber



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